I was very impressed when I joined the surgery. The surgery itself is clean and welcoming and the staff polite. I required three fillings which were carried over two sessions and the dentist took precautions to make sure the teeth they were working on did not split as the fillings were going to have to be quite deep. They asked me throughout the procedure if I was OK.

Mrs B, Rating 4.00 (6 Votes) - 04/04/2019


I was seen by the dentist today as an emergency new NHS patient. My first shock was how quickly they were able to fit me in, straight away! They just seemed to care, which was very nice. I was fearful walking to the surgery, but I got there and the staff were very kind and friendly, an atmosphere which calmed me instantly. My appointment was exactly on time and I was greeted at the door by the dentist who was instantly very kind, considerate, informative and I instantly trusted them. Their nurse was also very friendly and there was a great atmosphere. The dentist completely put my mind at ease and even though my treatment should have been more painful than any i'd had to date, the dentist ensured I felt no pain, which was a welcome change from my previous dentistry experiences! I couldn't recommend this surgery, the dentist and their lovely nurse more highly! I will never again fear the Dentist!!!

Emily, Rating 4.50 (5 Votes) - 04/04/2019


My whole family of two adults and three children attend this dentist and we have found the service to be excellent and all of the staff friendly and human. We have regular check-ups and have had a number of different minor treatments (e.g. small fillings) which have been carried out efficiently and expertly. The dentist who we see is very good with children. They are sympathetic and encouraging and all of my three children have no issue at all with attending for check-ups - they almost look forward to the process! Two of my children have required emergency dental treatment and, on both occasions, we were seen incredibly quickly and it seemed as if there was real sympathy and understanding of the anxiety that is caused when children have emergency problems. Attending the dentist is generally an anxiety inducing process, but this practice makes everything much easier.

Kate B, Rating 4.38 (4 Votes) - 04/04/2019


The dentist has been my dentist for over 8 years. Having had bad experiences with two previous local set-ups. Finding them was a huge relief - heralding a transformation in my dental health. The full five stars is because not only have they great technical skill (and always keeping up with new developments, tools and techniques), but the dentist matches this with a highly ethical, holistic and personable approach. The staff on the front desk are positive and friendly. Commercially there is not 'hard sell'. I hear the other dentists at the practice also have a good reputation. Strongly recommended!

Anonymous, Rating 4.33 (3 Votes) - 04/04/2019


Over 60+ years I have had good and bad dentists. Results of the bad remain with you unfortunately and my teeth are no longer in prime condition but after 3 visits to this dentist, and some quite complex work, I feel much more positive, and my teeth feel in better shape than they have for years. The dentist is cheerful and works carefully, competently and considerately - a visit to the dentist no longer seems a negative experience. He has done additional training and works to give his patients the best possible outcome -an excellent dentist. I accept that not all dentists can be as great, but I am so happy to have a dentist I feel I can trust to provide me with the best treatment I can have under the NHS

Anonymous, Rating 4.35 (3 Votes) - 04/04/2019